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Deliver Information to your Customers

Deets provides digital solutions for all levels of the marketing funnel to gain more engagement from consumers and capitalize on the customer flywheel.

Deets provides digital codes for manufactured goods that deliver important information on smart communication devices. Deets increases conversion rates and lowers targeted and retargeted ad spend.

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Better engagement with your Customers

Each code is designed to engage with people and keep them engaged. 

All information you want to be within the codes are determined by your level of engagement you think is required. 

Customers and users of your products are always at the centre of your business.

Customer Flywheel

How it Works

Deets Personal Health Code Homepage

Your Deets Code

Get started with your Deets code. 

Add or delete your information when you need to and it’ll be accessible when needed.

Deets Codes for Products


The codes can be scanned with most mobile devices for digital sharing. 

Deets codes are downloadable to print and and place wherever you want.

Great for labels and brochures.

Deets Health Code Multiple Screens

Info is Now Easily Available

Information is now more easily deliverable.

You now have  further engagements with your customers .

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