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Deets™ delivers information for products in hand with smart label QR codes and product pages

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Why Use Deets™ QR Codes?

Deets™ codes deliver more information about your products to your customers while they are at the point of decision. 

Deets™ gives you more engagement with your customers with ratings, analytics, and contact links.

Deets™ QR Codes can add more information while reducing valuable packaging space.

Deets™ product pages make your labels smart and interactive. Know what your customers want and why.

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How it Works.

Step One.

Sign up and create a Deets™ Product Page

Step Two.

Download your Deets™ Code

Step Three.

Put your Deets™ Codes on your products

That’s It!

Try it out with a scan. 

Use your smart phone or tablet to scan this Deets™ QR Code and view a sample product page.

iOS and Android versions will vary.

Most versions need only the camera application which will prompt towards the product page while other versions may require a separate application to be used.


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