Personal Health Records

Personal Health Information

Deets provides control over your personal health records. Our tools allow you to give access to which professional you want to to give access and selections of what you want them to view.

The personal codes are created by you and belong to you. They hold valuable information about your health tests, medical history, and medication regimes.  

Access to your information is personal and should belong to you. It should be your choice who you share it with.

Your Personal Health Deets are Secure 

Your information is completely yours. All your personal health information is anonymous to anyone but you. 

All personal health information is held securely by Deets and can only be accessed by you.

Your information is only accessible to you and whom you decide to share your information with.

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How it Works

Deets Personal Health Code Homepage

Your Personal Health Code

Get started with your personal health code. 

Add or delete your information as you get it and have it accessible for when you need it.

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The codes can be scanned with most mobile devices for digital sharing. 

Deets health codes can be downloaded for printing and for placing it on a health care card or an alert bracelet.

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Info is Now Easily Available

Choose who you want to share your health records and how it gets utilized.

Deets health codes can be viewed on multiple screens seamlessly.