Frequently Asked Questions2019-07-22T08:46:09-07:00
What do I get with my subscription?2019-07-22T08:16:56-07:00

Deets™ offers a free service that allows you to get codes for your products.

Deets™ is offered at only $99/year for the full package. Deets™ paid service offers you more information on the product pages including contact and social links as well as your valuable analytics that will help in your marketing.

You will be billed annually for your subscription. We take many forms of payment and will update you when your subscription is nearing its end.

Now I have my code? What next?2019-07-22T08:17:19-07:00

Congratulations on getting your unique Deets™ code. Now you can download and share your code with anyone you want. Your code will link anyone to the product page that you have built. Take your code to your printers, make your own labels, or keep it in digital form. It is entirely up to you what you do with it or where you place it. Your codes are dynamic so you may go back and change things in the product page. It happens sometimes that we forget something or just want to add more information.

What is a dynamic code? How does it work?2019-07-22T08:17:39-07:00

All Deets™ codes are dynamic which means that the information related to you Deets™ unique codes is able to be rewritten. You don’t have to change your unique codes if they are already out there in the public. Just log in to your Deets™ account and edit the information yourself whenever you need to.